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 Spas for your pets

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PostSubject: Spas for your pets   Spas for your pets Icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 4:50 am

Spas have come a long way since its origin in Greece in around 1700 BC. From being just the hot springs which provide cure for many skin diseases, the spas all over the world have grown to become one of the popular joints where you can have a rejuvenating or beauty and skin care therapy and can have a get-together with your friends, if you wish.

Apart from the various spa facilities in the luxury hotels,ayurvedic spa resort and the like, recently there emerged some centres in India which provide the spa care for your pets.

``You must not ignore it as an element of vanity of the upper class or upper middle class. There are a lot of people who really love their pets as much as they love their family members. So they think that their pets too deserve a rejuvenating and a fairly good grooming experience, at times,’’ says Nivedita, a sociologist based in New Delhi.

`` You enjoy the massaging, saunas, pedicure, manicure and the whole pampering of the body. Then why can’t you let your poor pets enjoy the same?’’ asks Chitananda Sagar, who is a veterinary doctor in Delhi.
So, do you love your pet enough to allow it an expensive spa experience? If you do, then don’t hesitate to find out the nearby spa where s/he will be treated like a princess.
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Spas for your pets
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